• Emisión rápida
  • Eliminación de Elegibilidad
  • Posibilidad de crear
  • Emisión rápida
  • Eliminación de Elegibilidad
  • Posibilidad de crear
Mi Receta By Farmapla

Through the mireceta.com application, the prescriber electronically issues and sends his medical prescription
to thepatient and, if he wishes, it is also sent to the pharmacy of his choice. This means that the prescribing
physician no longer has to write the prescription by hand, that the pharmacy knows exactly which medications to
dispense without reading errors in the prescription, and that the patient saves time when picking up his medications
at the pharmacy. All the patient needs to do is go to their preferred pharmacy to complete the dispensing process
and pick up the medications prescribed on the prescription - it's that simple!

Our goal is to reduce the issuance time and the risks related to traditional ormanually written prescriptions
through the efficient use of information technologies.

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Who We Serve


The electronic prescription streamlines the process for authorization and dispensing of outpatient drugs at the pharmacy.


Doctors have an electronic mechanism for medical prescription and the effective homologation of authorized medications.


With mireceta.com it is no longer necessary to take the paper prescription to the pharmacy so they can provide you with the medications you need.

Diagnostic Centers

All auxiliary studies and laboratory tests are available on our platform through a drop-down list to indicate patients.  In addition, the prescriber can create as favorites, the tests indicated to his patients more frequently.

Nuestros Beneficios


Transparency in the prescription process by enabling follow-up from the doctor's office to the pharmacy counter.

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Success Stories

  • Patient

    “I left the doctor's office, went to the pharmacy and they had my medication ready”

  • Pharmacy Clerk

    “With the electronic prescription I feel safe. Previously I was constantly worried about the prescription requirements, sometimes we had to tell customers that they had to go back to their doctor to change the prescription and this caused dissatisfaction and delays in service. However, now when I receive an electronic prescription, I am sure that it will not be missing the stamp, nor the signature of the doctor and we do not confuse the dates. Customers are very satisfied with the service because when they arrive at the pharmacy, we have their medications ready to be billed”.

  • Internist Doctor

    Electronic prescriptions are very effective when prescribing medicines, through a quick and easy process I can find the medicines I want to prescribe and place the exact presentations and amounts. I can even replicate a prescription for a continued use treatment with just 3 clicks.